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Mizari Enterprises Inc. is a leading provider of audio and video technologies to large-scale consumers for over 20 years. As an approved vendor by the Gaming Commission, Mizari provides high-end AV to casinos and gaming integrators. It also supplies nursing homes and other large-scale wellness centers.

Our strong relationships and commitment to our customers is the foundation of our company.



   As experts in Control System Integration, we utilize industrial automation equipment and software in the implementation of projects in a wide variety of industries. Our primary mission is to provide our member companies around the world with methods and opportunities to help them improve the operations of their businesses.

   With a proven track record of integrating solutions for corporate, industrial, institutional and government clients, Mizari Enterprises is ready to offer that expertise to help design the system that best fits your needs.

Contact Information:  Sales@Mizari.com or Call (323) 648-5015

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